What is Postpartum Depression?

What is Postpartum Depression and why we should distinct it from Postpartum Baby Blues and Postpartum Psychosis? – Summary Postpartum Depression appears after giving birth, because the birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from joy, excitement to anxiety, but it can cause something unexpected: depression. It’s common for women to… Continue reading What is Postpartum Depression?


Aokigahara, yürei and why this forest? – Meta-analysis

     I’m sure that You have heard about the Aokigahara forest, The ‘Sea of Trees’ which is situated on the base of Mt. Fuji, approximately two hours driving time west-southwest from Tokyo, Japan. This forest is known as the forest ‘Where people come to die.’ It sounds sad and brutal. This forest is the World’s… Continue reading Aokigahara, yürei and why this forest? – Meta-analysis